Industrial Hemp Products:

Hemp can be manufactured into a number of different products, and because it is more sustainable than other sources of fiber, oil, and fuel, hemp is a smart choice to help protect our planet.

Hemp fiber can be used more effectively to create paper products, as well as textiles like fabric for clothing, rope, and canvas. Hemp can also be used as a petroleum substitute in the creation of biofuels and bioplastics, meaning it may play an important role in the automotive and aeronautics industries in the future. Hemp is already being used in the construction of houses through its use as insulation and as hempcrete, a strong, lightweight, breathable building material.

Due to its nutritional content, hemp can also be used as a food for both humans and livestock. Hemp seed and its derived oil are popular ingredients in recipes and can be used as a plant-based source of vital nutrients. Because it is high in CBD, products made with hemp oil have become common sources for legal cannabinoids.

Hemp has also found its way in bath and body products like shampoos and conditioners, anti-aging skin care products, hemp moisturizer, body lotions and topical salves.