Our Reach

Where We Operate

CAMO currently has permits to conduct Hemp research in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. CAMO’s research is conducted in accordance to the 2014 Farm Bill Section 7606.  The U.S. House passed the hemp amendment to the Farm Bill in order to allow pilot programs and research to begin on industrial hemp and determine whether hemp farming would be beneficial for American farmers and businesses. CAMO has focused it’s research on soil remediation and the market viability of Industrial Hemp.

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CAMO in Pennsylvania

In 2017 CAMO Hemp planted the first hemp seeds in Westmoreland County in over 80 years. We conducted a soil remediation study, as well as an Economic Impact Study in conjunction with the University of Pittsburgh. Building on our knowledge and experience in 2017, CAMO Hemp will expand our acreage and processed end-products in 2018 to help further develop the fledgling Pennsylvania hemp industry.

CAMO in West Virginia

CAMO will be expanding our operations into West Virginia during the 2018 growing season. CAMO Hemp will be operating in the northern panhandle of West Virginia and conducting similar research to our Pennsylvania studies. CAMO Hemp is excited to help improve West Virginia’s industrial supply chain by expanding the product pipeline and increasing the cash per acre opportunities for the farming community.

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