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CAMO is a Pennsylvania company comprised of qualified scientific, agricultural and business professionals who share a mission of promoting, protecting, and supporting hemp’s extensive applications for the betterment of communities locally, regionally, and globally.

CAMO made strides towards fulfilling our vision of bringing hemp’s vast benefits to society in 2017 by planting the first hemp seeds in Western Pennsylvania in over 80 years. Subsequently we’ve been active in the production, distribution, and research of hemp to help remove the misguided associated stigma of the plant and working towards building out industrial supply chain opportunities across various industries in Pennsylvania and beyond.

The Role of Research

CAMO Hemp recognizes that research will be a valuable tool in helping to remove the stigma associated with hemp. As such, we partnered with the University of Pennsylvania to conduct an Economic Impact Study of what Hemp could mean to our community. Additionally we conducted a soil remediation study to demonstrate the how hemp cleans and heals contaminated land. We believe this research will contributed towards the removal of barriers restricting the development of this industry.

Our Commitment

CAMO Hemp is well-positioned and fully committed to becoming a major producer of industrial hemp. As such, CAMO Hemp is fully dedicated to conducting the necessary ongoing research and investing the upfront resources required to help create and develop new industrial supply chain opportunities to establish the Pennsylvania and West Virginia regions as leaders in the next agricultural revolution.

The Future of Hemp

Hemp has the potential to disrupt the largestindustries in world.
To date 34 states have removed barriers of hemp production, with more joining this trend every year. The future of Hemp is bright and CAMO Hemp is working daily to contribute towards the formation of this exciting new industry